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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may register to vote?

When is it necessary to re-register? When you move, change your name, or wish to change your political party affiliation.

I just moved to California, when am I able to register? There is no waiting period in California before you can register to vote. However, you must be registered 15 days prior to an election to be eligible to vote.

Do I have to register with a specific political party? No, California law states that an individual may choose either to register with a specific political party, register as non-partisan, or decline to state.

I did not vote in the last election. Do I need to re-register? No. Generally speaking, you are registered for as long as you live at the same address.

How can I find out if I am still registered? You can find your information online here or call the Registrar of Voters Office to find out if you are still registered.

What if I just moved and didn't have time to re-register? If you moved within Imperial County 14 days or less before an election, you can go to your old polling place, your new polling place, or to the Registrar of Voters Office. If you go to your new polling place, be sure to bring either a California Driver's License, ID Card, or two other types of identification that proves you live at the new address. (See the 'Proof of Current Residence' list below.)

If you don't have proof of current residence, you can complete an affirmation at our offices on Election day.

Proof of Current Residence. Proof of current residence shall consists of a valid California driver's license or ID card, which includes the voter's name and current residence address, or any two of the following documents, both of which must contain the voter's name and current address:

Where do I go to vote? Your polling location is printed on the back of your sample ballot pamphlet. In addition, the Registrar of Voters maintains a polls lookup on our web site here.