Traffic Engineering

The department reviews all road related claims and/or traffic accidents within the unincorporated areas of the County jurisdiction. The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is administered by this department. The TAC includes two members of the CHP (El Centro and Winterhaven), Catrans traffic engineer, County sheriff personnel, County Risk Management, and Public Works’ traffic engineer. The TAC is the first point of contact for reviewing requests for traffic regulatory signs, speed studies, etc. This committee serves at the direction of the Public Works Director and makes recommendations to the Director.

The County Traffic Engineer is responsible for continually updating county traffic volumes and coordination with the Road Operations sign shop with respect to road signage. Also traffic studies for private development and other agency developments are reviewed by the Department. The Traffic Engineer provides traffic studies, designs detour signs and technical support for Department Public Projects as well as reviews detour signage for developers and private developments.

Traffic engineering studies are performed at various locations to determine whether requests for changes in traffic controls or speed limits on County roads are warranted. Any changes of a regulatory nature are submitted to the Board of Supervisors for action by resolution or ordinance.

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