Field Operations / Road Division


The Field Operations are responsible for maintaining approximately 2555 miles of County roads of which 1349 are paved and 1206 are unpaved as well as 138 County bridges along County roads. Imperial County ranks 7th out of 58 Counties in maintained mileage responsibility.

The Imperial Valley is divided into four (4) sections, with each section being assigned the responsibility of one of the road district yards. Each road district yard works to perform road maintenance or road rehabilitation in their assigned section. In addition to the four road district yards there are three (3) satellite yards in outlying areas of the County. Each road yard district also works in conjunction with the other road district yards to perform special road maintenance jobs and rehabilitation projects. Each road district also operates a gravel pit, located in their respective district, as needed.

The sign shop works in conjunction with each road district to maintain any striping, stencils, stop bars and sign maintenance in their respective district. They also provide the materials and signing for rehabilitation, detours, and special maintenance jobs or emergencies during or after working hours.

Each road district is also responsible for the upkeep of their assigned vehicles, equipment, and road district yards.

By far the most important role the Field Operations play is during emergencies. They are typically one of the first responders in any road related emergency including traffic accidents, earthquakes, fires and rain and other storm events. Safety of the traveling public is paramount in the services provided including staff labor, tools, material and equipment to perform such emergency work on County roadways 24 hours, seven days a week. Most of the work being performed by the road districts is coordinated through the Deputy Director of Public Works – Field Operations by way of weekly road superintendent meetings to go over progress of work being done, and to plan any future work.

Picture of Luis Bermudez
Luis Bermudez
Deputy Director of Public Works - Field Operations