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Date Main Road Road Section
2/8/2019WILLOUGHBY RDintersection with Dogwood
2/6/2019GILLETT RDbetween Parker Rd and Bowker Rd
2/5/2019EVAN HEWES HWYabout 700 feet west of Low Rd
2/4/2019RIO VISTA STintersection with Haskell
1/29/2019HIGGINS LNintersection with Evan Hewes Hwy
1/28/2019ROSS RDintersection with Forrester Road westbound
1/25/2019GRAND AVEbetween Hawk St and Crane Ct
1/25/2019VALLEY BLVDbetween Heber Rd and Hawk St
1/23/2019BORNT RDintersection with Hwy 98
1/23/2019MILLER RDintersection with Kumberg Rd
1/22/2019QUECHAN DRintersection with Picacho Rd
1/22/2019LYONS RDeast of Broackman Rd.
1/18/2019CORDA RDnorth of Kubler Rd
1/15/2019WINTERHAVEN DRWinterhaven Dr. just west of 3rd Ave.
1/11/2019HACKLEMAN RDbetween Forrester Rd and Silsbee Rd

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