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Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) – In order to implement evidence- based practices in the Imperial County Probation Department, the Chief Probation Officer and the management team recognized this effort would be a radical departure from normal business practices. With the availability of the Youth Offender Block Grant (YOBG) funding the Probation Department was able to purchase a risk assessment tool for youth in order to provide guidance and training (including Motivational Interviewing) for implementation of Evidence Based Practices in the juvenile unit. The allocation of Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act funds will help support probation supervision programs for juvenile probationers with the intent of reducing recidivism. The evidence-based probation supervision practices will improve public safety outcomes among our juvenile probationers.


Youth Offender Block Grant – Through this funding from the Corrections Standard Authority, contracts have been implemented with Behavioral Health to provide psychiatric assessments and counseling of minors in juvenile hall. Also, through this funding we have established an Evening Learning Center for juveniles returning from placement or at risk for placement. This funding also allows for the development of an evidence based risk assessment program for all juveniles.