Imperial County

Juvenile Hall


Juvenile Hall is for the reception and temporary care of detained minors. The facility manager and correctional officers must provide structure, support, and supervision to detained minors. Must meet standards set by Title 15 such as requiring one staff member for every 10 minors in detention; discipline and security; ensure personal hygiene of minors; clean clothing and bedding; mental health and/or drug counseling; work training programs; recreation and exercise; and visitation with parents/guardians. Minors at high risk of being adjudicated to an out-of-home placement (and their parents) may be assigned to specific programs coordinated between Behavioral Health and Probation to prevent future criminal activity. Pursuant to Title 15, medical care is provided to all minors. In addition, a certified nurse is on site several hours each day.


Kitchen – One food supervisor and three cooks are assigned to the JH kitchen. They must plan and prepare meals based on specific nutritional requirements by the State. They also cook and prepare meals for children at the Betty Jo McNeece Receiving Home and the Evening Learning Center. Probation is reimbursed the costs of these meals by Behavioral Health who supervises the Receiving Home and Rite Track who renders services at the Evening Learning Center.


Imperial County Juvenile Hall Wellness Policy

Wellness Pamphlet

Juveniles Fees Effective 1/1/18

School Wellness Policy Building Annual Progress Report

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.