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Important VA Health Phone Numbers


From Imperial County to Mission Valley VA Clinic and La Jolla VA Regional Medical Center. A 10-day advanced notice and scheduled appointment are required.

Toll Free: 1-858-552-7470 For Non-Wheelchair accessible

Toll Free: 1-858-552-7575 For Wheelchair or other ambulatory needs

Pick-up Points:
1. Imperial County Airport
2. Rite-Aid Pharmacy at the Imperial Valley Shopping Center located on the Corner of Main St. and Imperial Ave. El Centro, CA.
*No home pickup.*

Health Care, Imperial County VA Outpatient Clinic

Local: 760-352-1506

Fax: 760-371-9375

Health Care, San Diego VA System.

Toll Free: 1-858-552-8585

Press 1 for Prescriptions,
Press 2 for Appointments,
Press 3 for Eligibility for Health Services,
Press 4 for General Information,
Press 0 for Assistance
Extension 7564 for Audiology

Claims Follow-up or Inquires, VA San Diego Regional Office

(Includes E-benefits assistance and more)


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