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Bird Owners - Virulent Newcastle Disease Alert from CDFA

Bird Owners - Virulent Newcastle Disease Alert from CDFA

The California Department of Food & Agriculture advises bird owners that the Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) has been found in Southern California. It is a contagious disease of birds, including chickens.

All birds can be infected with VND; in most cases, the disease will kill chickens. Other birds may not get sick, but can still spread the disease to chickens and other pet birds. The disease is spread by direct contact between birds, by coughing and sneezing, and through droppings. People can spread VND by moving infected birds, moving equipment and feed, and by wearing clothing and shoes that have been in infected areas.

Infected birds may have swelling around the eyes, a purplish swelling of the wattle and comb, a large amount of fluid coming from the beak and nasal area, a twisting of the neck and head, a loss of appetite or diarrhea. Sometime sudden death occurs.

If you think your birds are sick, please contact the Sick Bird Hotline at (866) 922-2473 or the Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner's Office at (442) 265-1500.

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