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Imperial County Catalog of Enterprise Systems July 1, 2016

Vendor Product System Purpose Categories Custodian
Questys Questys ECMx Capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes Document Management Auditor
RT Lawrence RT Lawrence Remittance processing for tax payments into megabyte and electronic deposit of checks to US Bank Document Management Tax Collector
Sympro Sympro Treasury Management, inverstment tracking. Financial Management Treasurer
CIV CIV Primary System for Eligibility Eligibility State
ISAWS Welfare to Work Welfare Welfare Social Services
State of CA MEDS Medical Eligibility Determination System Medical Eligibility Howsing Tracking and Reporting Data
Sungard One Solutions Integrated Justice System(IJS) Shared case management for the DA, Probation, and Vicitim Witness. Information Technology
Sungard One Solutions Application Online Job applications with the county Information Technology
Sungard One Solutions Purchasing Product and asset procurment Information Technology
Sungard One Solutions Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Information Technology
Sungard One Solutions General Ledger Information Technology
Sungard One Solutions Financial Management Budgeting, Accounts Receivable, Cash Collections, Job Costing Information Technology
Granicus Granicus Council Meetings Host Council Meeting Information Technology
SouthTech Cornerstone Legal Records Database of Records (births, property,maps) Recorder
Dims Dims Registrar Records Database Registrar of Voters Registrar of voters
Megabyte Megabyte Properties tax and assessments Assessments and Tax Information Technology
Accela Permits Plus Permitting Building Permits, Planning Review, Business/Rental Licensing Information Technology
Cascade Software Systems WinCams Road maintenance cost Road maintenance Cost Public Works
Advanced Database Design Permits Pro Source Permits Air Quality Control Air Pollution Control District
Imperial County Ag Burns Program Keeps Control of the fields burned in the County Air Quality Control Air Pollution Control District
Imperial County ABERCS Program Controls the issuing of ERC certificates Air Quality Control Air Pollution Control District
Agilair Air Vision Collects Data for air monitoring Air Quality Control Air Pollution Control District
Envision Envision Connect Client This client type is used to connect to databases used for Environmental Health Environmental Health Public Health
RoseRush Services Shelter Pro This client type is used to enter animal information by Animal Control division. Animal Control Public Health
Sirron Civil Software Civil litigation records Database of litigations Sheriffs Office
Sirron Coroners Death Records Death and cause of Death Records Sheriffs Office
Vine Vine Inmate Information Release and custody information Sheriffs Office
State of CA CSE Child Support Enforcement Child Support Services State
State of CA DCSS LCSA Case Management Tool Child Support Services State

Data for these systems is collected and updated daily.
In accordance with 6270.5., this document is available on the County's website, co.imperial.ca.us. This document is updated annually. This catalog excludes:

  1. Information technology security systems, including firewalls and other cyber security systems.
  2. Physical access control systems, employee identification management systems, video monitoring, and other physical control systems.
  3. Infrastructure and mechanical control systems, including those that control or manage street lights, electrical, natural gas, or water or sewer functions.
  4. Systems related to 911 dispatch and operation or emergency services.
  5. Systems that would be restricted from disclosure pursuant to Section 6254.19. of the Government Code
  6. The specific records that the information technology system collects, stores, exchanges, or analyzes.
  7. Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit public access to records held by an agency to which access is otherwise restricted by statute or to alter the process for requesting public records, as set forth in this chapter.