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Applications will only be accepted for current open positions.
Resume may be included but will NOT be accepted in lieu of application.
Applicants applying for Social Services or Child Support Services must apply at MERIT SYSTEMS OPEN JOBS

Note: Applicants for Safety Member positions are subject to minimum standards prescribed by federal, state, and local laws including Government Code § 1031 and County Ordinance § 3.08.040.

Job Title Department Monthly
*Some College
or Degree
Psychiatrist Behavioral Health $24,018 - $29,194 6/30/2019 Yes
Licensed Vocational Nurse I Behavioral Health $2,872 - $3,500 6/30/2019 Yes
Air Pollution Control Environmental Coordinator Air Pollution Control $4,579 - $5,573 1/22/2019 Yes
Air Pollution Control Special Projects Coordinator Air Pollution Control $4,579 - $5,573 1/22/2019 Yes
Senior Engineer - Public Works Public Works $6,656 - $8,092 2/11/2019 Yes
Health Programs Coordinator-Limited Term Public Health $4,301 - $5,232 1/25/2019 Yes
Staff Services Analyst II- PH-Limited Term Public Health $4,697 - $5,714 1/25/2019 Yes
Administrative Analyst II Public Health $4,697 - $5,714 1/25/2019 Yes
Office Assistant III Behavioral Health $2,432 - $2,958 1/29/2019 No
Deputy District Attorney IV District Attorney $7,524 - $9,148 1/30/2019 Yes
Psychiatric Social Worker II Behavioral Health $4,697 - $5,714 6/30/2019 Yes
Appraiser I, II or III Assessor's Office $3,082 - $4,584 1/30/2019 Yes

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* In Order for the County to consider the education listed below as part of your qualifications for the position you are applying for, you must attach a copy of your college transcript (from an accredited institution), degree, license, certificate or diploma with your application. In addition, foreign degrees must have U.S. Equivalent report. Failure to include this information may result in your application being disqualified.

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