The Seal of Imperial County


Duties and Responsibilities

The training division is progressive and responsible for improving firefighting and rescue capability through recruitment, physical fitness, in-service and specialized training, and State Fire Training certification. We foster relevant training, and a strong desire to acquire knowledge and strive for excellence at each opportunity. This desire is reflected through promoting a continual movement towards a higher level of education, and performance in a positive environment. Our agency has a broad range of certified personnel and instructors which include but not limited to: hazardous materials, arson investigation, aircraft firefighting, confined space, advanced and basic life support, rescue systems, explosive technician, and other related functions. The division maintains a digital library of books, manuals, videos, and other visual training aids that meet federal and state requirements. In addition, the training division conducts regular exercises, live fire drills, and specialized training, to ensure that consistent and effective emergency services continue to be provided to the citizens and visitors of Imperial County. A 45 foot, two-story mobile burn trailer is located on site which enables the training of firefighters in a controlled environment. The burn trailer is shared via a mutual agreement amongst the local agencies. All live-fire evolutions conform to NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions in Structures.

The training division is also responsible for training all new members entering the Department, consisting of full-time, part-time, and volunteers. On a monthly basis training officers provide a minimal average of 20 hours of training to each firefighter. To maintain medical licensure for all Department members, 24 hours of Continuing Education are provided every 2 years for our EMT's, and 48 hours every 2 years for our paramedics. Each certification is closely monitored to ensure quality assurance.