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Adult Alcohol and Drug Recovery Wellness Center

The Adult Alcohol and Drug Program offers substance abuse counseling to eligible adults ages 18 and older. Individuals may either be self-referred or referred by agencies such as Probation, local Methadone clinics, the Department of Social Services (DSS), or the Imperial County Behavioral Health Dual Diagnosis Program. This program offers group, individual, crisis counseling, as well as HIV/TB/STD/Hepatitis C testing and counseling if needed. Individualized assessment and treatment planning are provided by staff trained in curriculum-based recovery methods, with the goal being to help individuals reach recovery by making good choices, finding safety, coping with urges, and balancing life and emotions.

The Adult Alcohol and Drug Program staff also seeks to educate the community about substance abuse and its associated risk. Substance abuse counselors provide informational presentations and groups to at-risk adults and families in order to, not only prevent substance abuse from occurring, but to also safeguard the community. The Adult Alcohol and Drug program is partnered with several community agencies that have the same goal of reducing alcohol and drug use and abuse, as well as encouraging safe and healthy living conditions.

Adult Alcohol and Drug Recovery Wellness Center
2695 S. 4th Street El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 482-2151 / (760) 482-2138