Department Fees

Department Fee Table

Pest Detection and Eradication
PQ Field Inspection Fees
Minimum per-field inspection fee$90
Acreage fee (over 30 acres)$3/acre
Seed Sampling$40

Pest Exclusion and Quarantine
Phytosanitary Certificate Fees
State and Federal fees also apply.
Baled Commodities$34
After Hours$75
Seed Sampling$40
Fruit, Vegetable, and Nuts
Inspections on imported products.
Asparagus, Corn, or Melons$26
All other commodities$8.50
Direct Marketing Fees
Certified Producer Certificate$50

Pesticide Use Enforcement
Business Registration
Pest Control Business (PCB)$60
Maintenance Gardener PCB$25
Structural PCB, Branch 1$25
Structural Branch 1 Amendment$10
Structural PCB, Branch 2 or 3$10
Licensed Professional Registration
Farm Labor Contractor$25
Pest Control Pilot, 1st County$10
Pest Control Pilot, 2nd County$5
Pest Control Advisor, 1st County$10
Pest Control Advisor, 2nd County$5
Apiary Registration$10
PAC Exam Study Guide$7

Weights and Measures
Each location (scanner/point of sale excluded) is charged a location fee of $100. A location is considered a business with one or more types of devices that require specialized testing equipment that will necessitate more than one trip. Additionally, if a commercial device is installed on a vehicle, each vehicle is considered a single location.
Device Type Registration
Meters / Measuring Devices
CNG Meter$20$1.10$60
Electric Submeter$3$0.10$60
L.P.G. Meter$185$8.00$110
Retail Meter Fuel (Gas pumps)$20$1.10$60
Retail Water Meter (Dispensers, Vending)$20$1.10$60
Vehicle Meter (Any vehicle mounted meter)$75$1.10$60
Water Submeters$2$0.10$60
Wholesale Meter (Stationary Hi-volume sale)$75$1.10$110
Misc. Measuring Devices$20$1.10-
Computing Scales < 2,000#$20$1.10$60
Counter Scale < 2,000#$50$1.10$60
Platform/Dormant < 2,000#$50$1.10$60
Platform/Dormant 2,000-10,000#$150$8.00$110
Platform/Dormant > 10,000#$250$12.00$110
Hopper & Tank 2,000-10,000#$150$8.00$110
Hopper & Tank > 10,000#$250$12.00$110
Hanging Scale < 2,000#$50$1.10$60
Hanging Scale 2,000-10,000#$150$8.00$110
Livestock Scale > 10,000#$150$12.00$110
Livestock Scale 2,000-10,000#$100$8.00$110
Monorail/Meat < 2,000#$50$1.10$60
Monorail/Meat 2,000-10,000#$150$8.00$110
Pres/Jewel Scale < 2,000#$80$1.10$60
Railway Scale > 10,000#$250$12.00$110
Vehicle Scale > 10,000#$250$12.00$110
Misc. Weighing Devices < 2,000#$50$1.10$60
Scanners (1-3)$89--
Scanners (4-16)$129--
Scanners (17-30)$190--
Scanners (31 or more)$240--