Weights and Measures

Deputy Agricultural Commissioner Nelson Perez

Imperial County weights and measures officials serve all consumers as the local regulatory agency authorized to enforce the B&P Code and the CCR pertaining to issues of "Equity in the Market Place".

Scales and Meters

Commercial weighing and measuring devices are inspected annually. Inspectors verify each device is approved for its intended use and test each device for accuracy. If a device is accurate, a county paper seal is attached which certifies the device as being “correct”.

Point of Sale / Price Accuracy

Annual POS inspections are conducted to ensure that each consumer is paying the lowest advertised price posted, quoted, or otherwise advertised. All retail establishments with POS devices are inspected annually.

Petroleum Products

Petroleum advertising and labeling requirements are checked by county sealers as well as the quality of petroleum products.

Quantity Control

All packages are required to have a net quantity statement on the principal display panel. W&M inspectors test these packages to ensure they hold the correct amount. IRQ (Identity, Responsibility, and Quantity) are required on all labels.


A weighmaster weighs, measures, or counts bulk products and issues certificates of accuracy. Weighmaster certificates are legal documents used to buy and sell products. Weighmaster licenses are issued by DMS.

Service Agents

Service Agents are device repairmen who are private businesses authorized to repair weighing and measuring devices placed out of order by officials. A service agent must notify our office in writing within 24 hours of repairing a device or placing a new device in service. Service agent licenses are issued by DMS.