Agricultural Commissioner,
Sealer of Weights and Measures

Carlos Ortiz
Agricultural Commissioner
Sealer of Weights and Measures
Jolene Dessert
Assistant Agricultural Commissioner
Asst. Sealer of Weights and Measures

Mission Statement

To promote and protect our agricultural industry by providing clear direction and appropriate regulatory oversight while protecting our citizens and the environment through the enforcement of pesticide laws, weight and measurement standards, the detection and eradication of pests harmful to our agricultural industry, human health, and other plant resources.

Department Description

The County Agricultural Commissioner is charged with enforcing the laws of the California Food and Agricultural Code. These laws and the regulations of the California Code of Regulations address the many aspects and complexities of agricultural production in California. The Agricultural Commissioner must carry out the mandated duties required by the above mentioned codes.

Significant activities are Pesticide Use Enforcement, Pest Detection and Eradication, Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control at the Port of Entry Calexico-East, Pest Exclusion and Quarantine Certification of Agricultural Produce for Export, Pest Management, Seed Law Enforcement, Nursery Inspection, Egg Quality Control, and Crop Statistics.

The Agricultural Commissioner is also mandated to enforce the Weights and Measures laws in the Business and Professional Code. These activities include the inspection and certification of all commercial weighing and measuring devices in the County. Inspection of all gasoline pumps, water meters, truck scales and retail scales are a few examples of the activities of this area.

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