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Unsecured Property Taxes

  1. What are Unsecured Taxes?

    Unsecured Taxes are billed on personal property that is not secured or attached to land. Unsecured Taxes can also be billed to parties that lease property from another entity or agency that does not pay property taxes, such as governmental agencies. Examples of personal property that would be considered “Unsecured” are vessels (boats & jet skis), aircrafts, business personal property and agricultural equipment.
    For more information on Unsecured Taxes contact (442) 265-1257.

  2. What if I sold my taxable personal property? Why did I get a bill?

    Unsecured taxes are determined by ownership on January 1 of the year the bill is assessed for. If you still owned the property as of January 1 of this year, you are responsible for this tax bill. You do however need to contact the Assessor’s office and make them aware of the sale so they can review the assessment and make future changes as necessary.
    You can reach their office at (442) 265-1300.

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