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Money and Finances

  1. Bankrate Calculators Provides a calculator where you can calculate your monthly budget needs.
  2. CNN Money Provides tools and to help estimate monthly costs and tips to manage your money.
  3. Website has different types of calculators to estimate your expenses and needs.
  4. Kiplinger Provides tools and information on taxes and retirement.
  5. Smart About Money Website has information on how to manage your money better.
  6. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Provides information and tools on making investments.
  7. Tools Website provides different tools like calculators, and spreadsheets to help manage finances.
  8. Social Security Calculators Provides different calculators to manage finances.
  9. MSN Money Provides stock market information and tips on managing money.
  10. Provides information on a lot of topics including taxes and buying from government.
  11. Econedlink Provides lessons and tools to help beginners how to manage their money.
  12. GCF Provides guides and step by step tools on managing money.
  13. Jump Start Coalition Provides information on how to manage money for beginners.
  14. 360 degrees Website provides information and tools on different financial topics.
  15. Bankrate Provides informational articles about mortgages and banking information.
  16. CNN Money provides step by step instructions and information on different financial topics.
  17. Consumer Action Provides financial information in several languages and easy to understand English.
  18. Consumer Reports Information on consumer reports.
  19. Dummies Personal Finance Provides some tips on how to manage your money.
  20. Practical Money Skills Provides resources and information about financial literacy.