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Law and Courts

  1. US Bankrupcy Court, CA Website contains different claim forms and news.
  2. California Courts Self-Help Center Website provides a search engine with information on different legal topics.
  3. The State Bar of California Provides information on lawyers that you are seeking for help.
  4. Legal Information Institute provides information on legal issues and previous court cases.
  5. Find Your Lawyer Provides information on different laws and a search engine to look for lawyers based on topic.
  6. Search Laws Provides legal forms to fill out for free and information on previous court cases.
  7. Lexis Nexis Provides information on previous court cases for the past five years and Supreme Court cases since 1790.
  8. Provides a directory for law offices and lawyers.
  9. Legal Topics, Nolo Website has a dictionary where you can look up legal terms and provides articles on different topics.
  10. CA Public Law Libraries Provides information on California’s public law libraries and provides self help resources.
  11. Skipease A searchable database with information on public records.
  12. Justia Virtual Chase database to search people using public records. Also provides legal information.
  13. World Law Provides free legal advice and the ability to ask a lawyer any question.
  14. LII Supreme Court Information on Supreme Court cases and their decisions.
  15. Supreme Court of the U.S. supreme Court website with quick links.