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Health and Medicine

  1. Botanical.comProvides an index of natural herbs with information on medicinal properties.
  2. Henriette's Herbal Homepage FAQ on medicinal herbs.
  3. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Federal government agency provides scientific research and practices for alternative medicine.
  4. Quackwatch Provides information on health fraud and serves as a guide in making health decisions.
  5. Epicurious Provides articles on healthy eating and over7,000 searchable recipes.
  6. Food and Nutrition Information Center Provides credible nutrition facts and research for professionals and the public.
  7. The Physicians Committee Provides research, health, and nutrition information.
  8. American Medical Asociation List of physicians by state and specialty.
  9. American Board of Medical Specialties Site has an index to look up doctors that are certified.
  10. American Hospital DirectoryProvides information on hospitals.
  11. SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator Helps locate behavioral health services in the country.
  12. Find the Best Hospital for You Provides information on the best hospitals for specific procedures and diseases.
  13. Medical Board of California Website provides information on the status of doctor’s medical license.
  14. California Board of Registered Nursing. Information on licenses for nurses.
  15. Hearing Loss Association of America Information and current news about people with hearing loss.
  16. National Rehabilitation Information Center Provides information on disabilities and rehabilitation.
  17. TASH Provides information for parents that have children with disabilities.
  18. Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website includes information on diseases and healthy living.
  19. Health information for families.
  20. Provides health news information
  21. Merck Provides information on diseases and medicines.
  22. Centers for Desease Control and Prevention Website provides information on different vaccines.
  23. RxList Provides health news and information on different types of drugs.
  24. AMAProvides information on becoming a physician and offers resources to practice with patients.
  25. Covered California Website provides information on covered California health insurance.
  26. Provides reliable information on health issues.
  27. Website provides information on health care coverage.
  28. KidsHealth Provides information for kids, teens, and parents on different health issues.
  29. Patient Care and Health Information Provides information on symptoms of diseases and allows you to request an appointment at one of their locations.
  30. Medline Plus Provides health information on diseases and their symptoms.
  31. Medscape Provides medical news.
  32. National Institutes of Health Provides information on clinical trials and health resources.
  33. National Organization for Rare Disorders Information on rare diseases for families and physicians.
  34. National Institure on Aging Provides health information and news.
  35. PubMed Central Website provides articles on biomedical and life sciences for free.
  36. Website is a database that provides information on authoritative federal science research.