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Opening a Child Support Case

A child support case is opened by the non-custodial parent or custodial party by completing an application. (You can request by phone a packet be sent to you by regular mail or you can come by the office to obtain an application packet.) If your child (ren) is currently receiving CalWORKS benefits you do not need to complete an application form; a case will automatically be opened for you. Once DCSS receives a completed, signed application we will mail both parties a letter notifying them the case is open and provide the Department of Child Support Services case number. (We would be happy to provide assistance with the application process. Please allow approximately one hour for this process.)

The DCSS opens cases

The Imperial County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) provides child support services to custodial parents at no cost. When you are applying for services, please remember you are our best informative resource. The more complete, reliable, and accurate the information is that you provide, the easier and faster it will be to enforce the child support order. The following information is requested to open your case:

The Department of Child Support Services and the court follow the child support guidelines found in the California Family Code, Sections 4055 - 4076. The court looks at several factors when determining how much child support a parent should pay: