The Seal of the Board of Supervisors

Imperial County Board of Supervisors

Chairman Greetings

Ryan E. Kelley, 2019 Chairman of the Board

As leaders, we know the most important ingredient in Imperial County’s success has always been our people. Imperial County was built on our shared values of productivity, ingenuity, grit, and commitment to family.

For generations, Imperial County Citizens have faced the challenges of living in the desert southwest and forged a better future for the next generation. Our ancestors overcame great challenges and we carry that tradition.

What does this mean to the people of Imperial County, as we begin 2019?

As your Chairman, I will work to champion confidence in our government. When we (the Imperial County Board of Supervisors) took the oath of office, we swore to faithfully discharge our duties, to work for all Imperial County Citizens, and with God’s help, we will.

God bless Imperial County, God bless America, and God bless our children — they are Imperial County’s future. Thank You

Ryan E. Kelley – Chairman of the Board

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Ryan E. Kelley

2019 Chairman of the Board