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Vessels Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers:

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1. I keep my vessel in another county. Why did Imperial County assess it?

If the vessel is registered to you in Imperial County and the registration does not specify that it is in another county, then Imperial County will assess it. If your vessel is habitually docked in another County, we will cancel the assessment and also notify the county in which your vessel is located of that action.

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2. My documented vessel is in Mexico. Why is it still being assessed in Imperial County?

Documented vessels are assessed at the “place of documentation” unless it is kept elsewhere and notice of this fact has been sent to DMV and to the Assessor of the county in which it is documented. Temporary absences of a few months duration would not affect the situs of the vessel. If the vessel is in Mexico for more than 6 months then factual information is needed that it has been exported to Mexico.

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3. Should I notify the assessor’s office if I sell my vessel?

Yes. this information will help prevent you from receiving a tax bill on property you no longer own. However, you need to fill out a release of liability form with the Department of Motor Vehicles. (DMV). This document is usually required by the assessor when the taxpayer requests roll corrections on the original assessment.

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4. Why do I have to pay taxes on my vessel to you and the DMV?

DMV collects only registration fees and not the fee value for the boat. The County Assessor determines boat values, upon which the personal property taxes are based.

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5. If the vessel property statement is not filed, how will my vessel’s assessed value be determined?

If you do not file a vessel property statement, the Assessor’s office will determine the assessable value as directed by the state law (RTC 501). In addition, a 10% penalty for failure to file will be added to your assessment. (RTC 463).

If you do not receive a business property statement between January 1 and March 1, or have other questions, please contact the Assessor’s personal property and audit division at (442) 265-1300 (8:00am -5pm). or by fax at (760)482-4243.

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