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The information herein is NOT intended for use as a weather forecast. The Air District DOES NOT forecast but solely compiles information from both the Phoenix and San Diego National Weather Offices to relay information concerning potential changes in ambient air concentrations that may impact the public.

November 8 2017
Be Advised
High wind levels have the potential to suspend particulate matter into the air. High levels of PM10 may pose an impact to public health. It is recommended that active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease, such as asthma, limit their outdoor activities.

Potential increases in PM10 concentrations may increase to moderate or unhealthy level.

Imperial County Weather Synopsis
Visibility will be greater than 6 statute miles with scattered cloud coverage (1 or 2 eights) and precipitation observations at 20,000 feet mean sea level mostly through the afternoon

There have been a few patches of low clouds near the coast and over the water this morning while a batch of high clouds approaches from the south. We'll have more sunshine today overall but with some thin high clouds and temperatures close to average.

The weather pattern remains quite stagnant this coming week.

The marine layer will get a little more organized which will translate into more low clouds and fog in the coastal basin during the nights and mornings, but not a very solid coverage nor will it be long lasting. Temperatures will drop to a few degrees below average.

A prevailing trough of low pressure will remain anchored over the northeast Pacific ocean while a ridge of high pressure dominates Mexico. Southern California remains in between with weak to moderate onshore flow and quite seasonal weather. It's a good sign for fire weather potential to have this mild weather while we get closer to the wet and cold season.

In sum, the coming week will feature fair weather with some combination of high clouds and occasional low clouds west of the mountains.

A weak upper level disturbance will exit to the east by late morning leaving mostly clear skies and drying conditions across the Desert Southwest. For the remainder of the week into the weekend, the region will remain situated between strong high pressure centered over Mexico and a series of progressive low pressure systems well to the north. Above normal temperatures and dry conditions will persist at least through early next week.
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