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The information herein is NOT intended for use as a weather forecast. The Air District DOES NOT forecast but solely compiles information from both the Phoenix and San Diego National Weather Offices to relay information concerning potential changes in ambient air concentrations that may impact the public.

June 20 2017
Be Advised
High wind levels have the potential to suspend particulate matter into the air. High levels of PM10 may pose an impact to public health. It is recommended that active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease, such as asthma, limit their outdoor activities.

Potential increases in PM10 concentrations may increase to moderate or unhealthy level.

Imperial County Weather Synopsis
Daytime high temperatures will continue to increase through Wednesday. A shallow marine layer will continue to moderate conditions along the coast with areas of nocturnal clouds and fog...lingering into the afternoons at some beaches. It will be a little cooler to end the week as onshore flow increases, extending the marine influence farther inland. Inland areas will remain seasonably warm. Summer officially begins at 9:24 PM on Tuesday.
Extreme temperatures continue today. In fact, most desert locations will be even hotter than Monday leading to record or near record readings. Over higher terrain areas of Arizona, scattered thunderstorms will produce very little rain but strong winds. Those winds are expected to spread to the central Arizona deserts by this evening causing areas of blowing dust. Anticipate a subtle decrease in temperatures Wednesday and Thursday with little change Friday through Sunday. However, very hot conditions will remain in place.
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