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The information herein is NOT intended for use as a weather forecast. The Air District DOES NOT forecast but solely compiles information from both the Phoenix and San Diego National Weather Offices to relay information concerning potential changes in ambient air concentrations that may impact the public.

August 30 2016
Be Advised
High wind levels have the potential to suspend particulate matter into the air. High levels of PM10 may pose an impact to public health. It is recommended that active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease, such as asthma, limit their outdoor activities.

Potential increases in PM10 concentrations may increase to moderate or unhealthy level.

Imperial County Weather Synopsis
High pressure will bring warm weather and minimal coastal cloud coverage through Wednesday. A trough of low pressure will move into the West Coast for the entire holiday weekend. Temperatures will fall below average while coastal clouds become more extensive

High pressure aloft will bring us some hot weather today, in fact the hottest of the coming week. Temperatures will soar over 100 in much of the Inland Empire and over 110 in some of the lower desert. Coastal areas will stay in the 70s and 80s, with 90s in the valleys. The high pressure ridge will slowly give way to a fairly robust trough over the Pacific Northwest, reminiscent of September just as we turn the calendar. A thin layer of monsoon moisture will continue at around mountain top level through Thursday and that will explain the cumulus clouds mainly over the mountains each afternoon. The atmosphere appears too stable to allow for those clouds to drop any rain. The atmosphere will dry out as it cools Friday and through the holiday weekend. Temperatures will drop below average as the trough slowly settles over the entire western part of the country and coastal clouds will be allowed to range farther inland each night and morning. Plan on a very mild Labor Day this year.

Strong high pressure in the eastern Pacific will result in above normal temperatures the next few days, particularly across southeastern California. Meanwhile, moisture will increase across the region through Friday. Afternoon thunderstorm activity initially confined to the eastern Arizona mountains today and Wednesday will likely affect the lower deserts late in the week. A drying trend is then likely through the weekend and into early next week as a low pressure system moves through the western states. A return to below normal temperatures is also expected early next week
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