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Rule 310 Operational Development Fee Information

Rule 310 was originally adopted in cooperation with the County, cities, industry and the Building Industry Association. The Rule requires new or expanding construction to pay a one-time fee for residential or commercial projects. Visit the Air District's Rules and Regulations page to view the most current version of Rule 310. For additional question please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Section D of Rule 310 explains that any applicant applying for a building permit within the County of Imperial, or any incorporated city within Imperial County, shall pay a one time fee to mitigate Ozone and PM10 emissions. An application must be filled for either a Residential project or a Commercial Project.

Rule 310 Application

Current Resolution Reducing Fee 50%

The Imperial County Air Pollution Control Board of Directors supports and approves a reduction of 50% until December 31, 2016. 2015 Resolution

Past Resolutions Reducing Fees 50%

Accountability Reports

Ozone Accountabillity (FY 15/16) PM Accountability (FY 15/16)
Balance Forward $616,913.93 $288,342.67
Total Ozone Fees Fy 2015/2016 $257,532.57 $167,504.24
10% Adm Fees Fy 2015/2016 $(25,726.91) $(16,777.18)
Subtotal - Prior to Project Funding $848,719.59 $439,069.73
*Fy 2014/2015 Funded Projects $(95,210.75) $0.00
*Fy 2014/2015 Allocated Funds Projects in Progress $0.00 $(286,000.00)
Total Available for Funding $753,508.84 $153,069.73

Request For Proposal

Request for proposal begins every August 1. Feel free to call our office if you have questions: (442) 265-1800. For the Criteria Information click here. Bellow are the Request for Proposal Forms: