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Notice of Availability Of the Occurrence of an Exceptional Event

The Imperial County Air Pollution Control District (Air District) has prepared 13 Draft Exceptional Event (EE) Demonstrations, which support the requested exclusion measured 24-hour concentrations at the Air District air monitoring sites. Listed below by date, site and concentration as measured by a Federal Reference Method monitor (FRM) or with a continuous Federal Equivalent Method monitor (FEM) represent the 13 Draft EE's.

April 12-13
Niland FEM 167.5 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 166.8 ug/m3

April 25-26
Brawley FEM 185.4 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 313.3 ug/m3

May 5-6
Brawley FRM 269 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 225.5 ug/m3
Westmorland FRM 375 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 439.3 ug/m3

May 11
Niland FEM 172.8 ug/m3

June 30
Niland FEM 183.7 ug/m3

March 6
Brawley FEM 237 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 220 ug/m3

March 11
Brawley FEM 178 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 179 ug/m3

March 28
Brawley FEM 334 ug/m3
El Centro FEM 285 ug/m3
Niland FEM 334 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 465 ug/m3

April 14
Niland FEM 172.8 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 163 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 228 ug/m3
April 22
Westmorland FEM 192 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 242 ug/m3

April 24-25
Brawley FRM 186 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 218 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 177 ug/m3
Brawley FEM 285 ug/m3
Calexico FEM 173 ug/m3
Niland FEM 225 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 244 ug/m3

May 5
Brawley FEM 163 ug/m3
Niland FEM 172 ug/m3
Westmorland FEM 227 ug/m3

May 15
Niland FEM 216 ug/m3

The public and all interested parties are encouraged to review and comment on the 13 Draft EE's listed above. These demonstrations provide the supporting evidence that on the days indicated for 2014, 2015 and 2016 Air District air monitors were affected by entrained elevated levels of particulate matter of an aerodynamic size less than 10 microns (PM10). Winds, associated with a weather event entrained PM10 into the region affecting Riverside, Imperial and San Diego counties. The 13 Draft EE's provide the scientific justification for the requested exclusions. The Air District is soliciting and accepting comments for 30 days commencing the date of the publication of this notice. The final closing date for submitting comments is February 12, 2018 by close of business.

The 13 Draft EE's for days listed above are available for download at the Air District website at, under "Air Pollution". To view a hard copy of any of the 13 Draft EE's, please visit the Air Pollution Control District office at 150 S. 9th Street, El Centro. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call our office between 8am and 5pm at (442) 265-1800 and ask for Monica N. Soucier.
Date of Exceptional EventClosing Date
1/10/2018 2/12/2018
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