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Notice of Preparation / of Availability
Notice of Availability of a Draft Program Environmental Impact Report
Proposed Project
Adoption of Proposed Rule 214.2 - Paving Unpaved Public Roads Emissions Reduction Credits (PERCs) (State Clearinghouse SCH #2015031006)
Project Location
The adoption of proposed Rule 214.2 applies to approximately 1,280 miles of existing, unpaved public roads located throughout Imperial County. Imperial County extends over 4,597 square miles within the southeastern portion of California, bordering Mexico to the south, Riverside County to the north, San Diego County to the west and the State of Arizona to the east.
Comment Period
10/1/2016 to 11/17/2016
Imperial County proposes to adopt Rule 214.2, which would become an element of the Air District's New Source Review (NSR) program. Specifically, the rule will codify a District methodology for calculation of emission reductions that result from paving existing, unpaved public roads, and add procedures to assure that the emission reductions are federally enforceable. Once the Rule has been adopted into the State Implementation Plan, emission reductions generated under the Rule can be enforced by USEPA. This will, in turn, allow the use of such emission reductions to offset emission increases at federal major stationary sources, which are subject to federal offset requirements under the federal New Source Review regulations. The objectives of adopting proposed Rule 214.2 are as follows:

Codify a District procedure to create PERCs in a way making their application federally enforceable; and

Allow PM10 emission reductions generated by unpaved public road paving to be used as offsets for specifically identified permit applications subject to local district or Federal New Source Review requirements.
Submit Comment to
Comments on the adequacy of the information with the PEIR should be submitted in writing at the earliest possible date, but no later than close of business (5:00pm) on November 17, 2016. Comments should be directed to Reyes Romero, Interim Air Pollution Control Officer, 150 S 9th Street, El Centro, CA 92243. Electronic copies maybe submitted to Comments regarding the adequacy of the Draft PEIR not presented during the public review period may not be considered at subsequent hearings.
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