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Date Main Road Road Section
7/25/20181ST AVEall of 1st Ave in Winterhaven
7/3/2018KUMBERG RDbetween Bonesteele Road and Bonds Corner Road, Southeast of Holtville
6/25/2018MADDOX RDbetween Cole Rd and Kloke Rd
6/22/2018CARR RDIn front of driveway to 1767 Carr Rd
4/30/2018JASPER RDbetween Meadows Road and Hwy 111
2/26/20182ND AVE2nd Avenue and H Street
2/22/2018EVAN HEWES HWYbetween Jeffrey Rd. and Arizona Rd.
1/30/2018G STBetween 1st St and Railroad Ave
1/26/2018MURPHY RDNance Rd. and Murphy Rd.
1/23/2018AUSTIN RDarea between Harris Rd and Neckel Rd.
1/23/2018JASPER RDBetween Bowker Rd and Hwy 111
1/17/2018WINTERHAVEN DR3 way stop at Winterhaven Dr. and Picacho
1/11/2018BOWKER RDNorthbound lane of Bowker Rd, just south of Jasper Rd
1/2/2018JASPER RDEastbound Jasper at intersection with Barbara Worth

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