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Job Opportunities

Job Title Department Monthly Salary Closing
*Some College
or Degree
Licensed Vocational Nurse I-Underhire Behavioral Health $2,872-$3,500 1/30/2017 Yes
Information & Technical Services Manager Info. & Tech. Services $7,677 - $9,335 1/17/2017 Yes
Ag. Biologist/Standards Specialist I - UH Agricultural Commissioner $3,789 - $4,611 1/18/2017 Yes
Economic Dev. Coordinator I - Limited Term IC Community & Economic Dev $3,690 - $4,485 1/18/2017 Yes
Deputy District Attorney I-IV District Attorney $5,074 - $9,148 1/19/2017 Yes
Legal Office Assistant I-II District Attorney $2,247 - $3,129 1/19/2017 No
Deputy County Counsel I-IV County Counsel $5,074 - $9,148 1/19/2017 Yes
Legal Office Assistant II Public Defender $2,247 - $3,129 1/19/2017 No
Substance Abuse Counselor I Behavioral Health $3,284 - $3,995 1/19/2017 Yes
Licensed Vocational Nurse-Public Health Public Health $3,356 - $4,083 1/19/2017 Yes

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* If required on the job description, a copy of your college transcripts, degree, license, certificate or diploma must be submitted with your application. Degree(s) from foreign countries must have a U.S. Equivalency Report attached to the degree. Failure to provide verification of education or U.S. Equivalency Report with your application may result in your application being disqualified. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications for positions by the filing deadline

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For more information, vistit the Human Resources Website