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County Prepares to Participate in the California Health Interview Survey this Fall

County Prepares to Participate in the California Health Interview Survey this Fall

The Imperial County Public Health Department announced today that the California Health Interview Survey will be administered in Imperial County once again this year. The California Health Interview Survey, or CHIS, is a telephone survey conducted annually on various health topics. The survey interviews households throughout California. It was first conducted in 2001 and is the largest of its kind in the nation. The information collected gives researchers, community members, and public agencies a clear picture of the current health and health needs for counties across the state.

"We encourage all residents who are contacted by CHIS to participate in this survey," stated Danila Vargas, Interim Director for the Imperial County Public Health Department. "The data collected by this survey is valuable not only to public health but to other county agencies, non-profits and elected officials."

In 2016, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors, on the recommendation of Supervisor Ryan Kelley, voted to support expanding the California Health Interview Survey in the county. Last fall, the survey was expanded to include additional respondents who reside in the north end of the County given that it is an area with few confirmed phone numbers. It is important to understand the needs of the individuals in that area of the County and establish a baseline of health information for those living near the Salton Sea.

This year the survey will be extended once again and questions will be added to the survey county-wide to gather more information from households about air quality and respiratory health. Supervisor Ryan Kelley stated, "We want to make sure that Imperial County residents have a chance to be included in this effort and have an opportunity to share information about their health, in particular about their respiratory health and air quality issues in their neighborhoods. This survey provides valuable information for our community about our community."

To make sure there is a representative sample of the households in Imperial County, the survey uses an address-based sample. It is important to note that participants are selected randomly and not every household will be asked to participate. For households without confirmed phone numbers, letters will be mailed to let residents know about the survey. Residents will receive a short form asking for contact information to allow CHIS to contact the household and conduct the telephone survey. Local Public Health Department staff and other volunteers will be assisting by visiting households to ensure that a valid working telephone number is available for the survey. The visits will be conducted primarily in the evenings and weekends starting in early September and continuing through the month of November. No other personal information will be collected by public health staff and volunteers.

The local teams will be preparing by participating in an in-person training conducted by CHIS, and recruiters will need to complete an online training related to research standards. In addition, team members will wear identification badges.

For additional information regarding the CHIS, individuals are encouraged to visit the CHIS official website at www.californiahealthsurvey.org or contact the Epidemiology Program at 442-265-1353 or email paulakriner@co.imperial.ca.us For information on volunteer opportunities please contact Denise Andrade by Friday, September 1st at 442-265-1479.

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