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National Weather Service Has Extended Excessive Heat Warning

National Weather Service Has Extended Excessive Heat Warning

The National Weather Service has extended an "Excessive Heat Warning" that remains in effect until at least 8:00 P.M. Monday, June 26. Temperatures are expected to rise in the highs 110 to 120 degrees in the lower desert areas.

The affected area is Southeast California including the Imperial Valley, Salton Sea, and areas near the Colorado River.

Heat related illness will be likely for those doing strenuous activity outdoors, or those with health conditions that do not have adequate access to air conditioning. If untreated, some illness events could be fatal.

The National Weather Service recommends the following actions:
Never leave kids or pets unattended in cars. Drink more water than usual and avoid alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. When outdoors, wear light colored clothing and a Wide-brimmed hat to keep your head and body cooler. Take frequent rest breaks in shaded or air conditioned environments. Public Places with air conditioning include libraries, community centers, government buildings, malls, and special refuge stations.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illness. Early symptoms include things such as headache, thirst, and muscle cramps. Serious symptoms include weakness, skin that is cool to the touch, fast but weak Pulse, nausea, and fainting. Severe symptoms include hot and red dry skin, fast and strong pulse. Sweating that has stopped, and unconsciousness. Untreated heat illness can lead to fatal heat stroke.

Stay cool, Stay hydrated, Stay Informed.

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