The Seal of Imperial County

Office of Emergency Services (OES)

The Office of Emergency Services (OES) provides emergency management services for the County/Operational Area including its seven cities/towns and special districts. OES coordinates emergency operations activities among all the various local jurisdictions and develops written guidelines for emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation to natural / man-made disasters, and technological disasters. OES is mandated by the California Emergency Services Act (Chapter 7, Division 1,Title 2 of Government Code) to serve as the liaison between the State and all the local government political subdivisions comprising Imperial County.

The Office of Emergency Services establishes the Imperial County /Operational Area Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when directed by County emergency management authority. An EOC is a location from which centralized emergency management can be performed during a major emergency or disaster. This center facilitates a coordinated response by the Director of Emergency Services, Emergency Management Staff and representatives from organizations that are assigned emergency management responsibilities. The level of EOC staffing will vary depending upon the specific emergency situation.

Current Emergency Information

California Highway Road Information (CALTRANS) or (800-427-7623)

Emergency Management Organization

Imperial County Code Title 5 Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Division 2, Emergency Organization and Functions – Provides the legal basis necessary for Imperial County to conduct emergency planning, response, and recovery operations and provides the framework for the Imperial Operational Area Disaster & Citizen Corps Council.