The Seal of Imperial County

Imperial County Fire Department & Office of Emergency Services


The mission statement of the Imperial County Fire department and Office of Emergency Services is to enhance the quality of life, environment, and safety of our community in an atmosphere of courtesy, integrity, and quality service. The strength of this organization will ultimately resolve itself into the strength of the individuals composing it. Therefore, it is necessary that all members place before them the ideal of the best service to the citizenry and then strive diligently to serve that ideal.

Chief's Message

Welcome to the Imperial County Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services website. As the Fire Chief and Office of Emergency Services Coordinator, I take pride in our employees as they carry out our mission statement: to enhance the quality of life, environment, and the safety of our community by protecting residents and visitors from the impacts of fire, medical, and other hazardous emergencies through our education, emergency services, and prevention programs.

The response apparatus of this agency bare three words: Prevent, Protect & Provide. We take each of these attributes seriously. We believe that serving the community is an honor and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We acknowledge that courage goes beyond heading into hazardous atmospheres and it's the fortitude to always knowingly doing what is right. We take pride in our professionalism, whether we're utilizing our specialized expertise or offering a simple gesture of comfort to those we serve. We understand that our service is the duty we provide to our community and that we carry it out in the finest tradition of what the fire service stands for, while also looking at the bigger picture of where this agency can take it.

The information on this website has been designed to help you, whether you wish to learn more about our department and the way it operates, or how to prevent fires and protect yourself in a variety of life- and property-threatening situations. We hope that you will find it easy to use and the information beneficial. Please let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions to improve it.

Tony Rouhotas, Jr.
Imperial County Fire Chief / OES Coordinator

"Prevent, Protect & Provide"