Community Outreach Programs

The Imperial County District Attorney’s Office is committed to providing a safer community to the residents of the Imperial County.  Our county is approximately 45,000 square miles and sets at the southern most point of the California.  We experience a unique set of challenges and issues unlike those faced by our counterparts in Northern California.

We are committed to providing not only services related to the prosecution of crime and bringing justice to the victims of crime, but to reaching out to our community to make them better able to understand the unique challenges our office faces.

We have developed several community outreach programs:

-  Project Lead,

-  Drug Court, and

-  Career Day in our local schools.

We have adopted a proactive plan to enhance the experience of victims who must come to court to testify in sometimes difficult and complex jury trials.

Project LEAD

With so many young people first become acquainted with the justice system as delinquents. With a more fundamental knowledge of right and wrong, the law, and the consequences for breaking the law, more young people would be equipped to make the right decisions in life. That is the basis of Project LEAD, a 20-week law-related program targeting fifth-graders throughout Imperial County.

Through Project LEAD, volunteer deputy district attorneys and district attorney investigators teach fifth-grade students about the law and help them recognize the social and legal consequences of criminal behavior.

The lessons consist of instruction on the criminal justice system and an analytical approach to solving student-acted hypotheticals involving drug use, gang involvement, theft, hate crimes, driving under the influence, truancy, graffiti, and other issues. The curriculum aims to instill positive values in students and help them develop self-esteem, conflict resolution skills, and the ability to resist peer pressure. The program culminates in a mock trial put on by the students.  Attached is a pamphlet to give parents a better understand of this program.

Drug Store Program

The Drug Store Program is annually put on by the Imperial County Sheriff's Office, Probation Department, Imperial County District Attorney's Office and other local law enforcement agencies to provide grade school students a better understanding of what happens to juveniles who become involved in the use, sale and distribution of controlled substances on school yards in the Imperial County.

Career Day

Our attorneys volunteer each year to do career day presentation at the local elementary, middle and high schools to give students a better understanding of what prosecutors do in the legal system.