Pest Exclusion and Quarantine:
Nursery, Seed, Direct Marketing, and
Import/Export Services

Deputy Agricultural Commissioner Nelson Perez

The Pest Exclusion and Quarantine Program seeks to stop the introduction of harmful pests into Imperial County and California. Pest exclusion is the first line of defense against invasion by exotic pests. Incoming commercial and private shipments of plant material and seed are subject to inspection of compliance with plant import restrictions. Infested or prohibited shipments are subject to regulatory action. Plant quarantines and nursery and seed laws, all protect the industry and environment by excluding plant pests through inspections and certification. Direct Marketing Laws are enforced. Commodities are also inspected and certified prior to shipping to other states and foreign countries.


Production nurseries are inspected to ensure that they meet state nursery cleanliness standards. All plant nurseries need to be licensed with CDFA.

All incoming plant shipments are inspected by Pest Detection and Eradication. Please see this letter for guidance on quarantine restrictions that may affect the disposition of plants entering the county:

Letter to Landscapers and Nurseries


Incoming seed shipments are inspected to ensure that the seed meets California seed law and meets quarantine requirements. Seed labelers and facilities are inspected.

Direct Marketing: Certified Producer's Certificates (CPC)

Growers looking to certify their produce for sale at Certified Farmer’s Markets are inspected.

Import and Export Services

Export documents are provided for commodities leaving Imperial County to other states and countries to ensure the commodities meet import requirements. Commodities imported into this county are inspected for quarantine pests.