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Information to Give Public Notice of Death of Record Owner

It may be desirable to consult with your attorney or legal advisor because of the legal aspects involved in changing the public record of ownership. Questions not addressed by this information sheet must be directed to your legal advisor or attorney. THE LAW PROHIBITS THIS OFFICE FROM GIVING LEGAL ADVICE.

Documents that frequently record to give public notice of death of record owner are:


This procedure requires a court action to be filed. The CERTIFIED COPY of the resulting court action is recordable. Property in CALIFORNIA must be probated in California.


These are the most frequently used documents that are recorded to remove a deceased person’s interest and thus clear record title.

A PRELIMINARY CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP REPORT must accompany each document that changes title to property Questions regarding this form are to be addressed to the Assessor’s Office. Their phone number is 760-482-4244.

The fee for recording the document is: