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Consumer Rules




This document is notice to IHSS Consumers of the rules that must be followed when hiring a Provider from the Public Authority registry.  If you need assistance in reading or understanding this document, please call the Public Authority registry staff at (760) 337-7822.


The IHSS Public Authority reserves the right to make and enforce reasonable rules and regulations regarding the use of the Provider Registry, and therefore, may deny access to the Registry if the following minor and/or major offenses occur.


Minor Offenses:


A Consumer will be denied access to the registry after two (2) complaints of minor violations that have been reported by one or more sources within a 1-year period.  These offenses will be verified by Public Authority registry staff.  A Consumer will not be eligible to access the registry for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of exclusion.


  • Repeated discourtesy, rudeness or inappropriate behavior toward the Provider or registry staff.

  • A pattern of not following Registry procedures, e.g.: canceling interviews without notifying scheduled providers, not being available when Provider arrives for scheduled work hours, etc. 

  • Making inappropriate remarks or actions towards a Provider because of race, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability. 

  • Refusing to sign correct timesheets.

  • Refusing to pay agreed upon mileage/gas reimbursement amounts.

  • Insisting the Provider perform tasks not authorized by the IHSS social worker, such as:

  • Performing services for other family members

  • Caring for pets, except service animals

  • Doing unauthorized yard work


Major Offenses:


A Consumer may be excluded from accessing the Registry after one (1) major offense that has been verified by registry staff.  It may be corroborated by other sources such as the IHSS social worker or a member of Adult Protective Services staff, etc.  A Consumer will not be eligible to access the Registry for a period of one (1) calendar year if a major offense is committed.


  • Theft, forgery, dishonesty or misrepresentation in connection with the Provider.

  • Any conviction for fraud will result in a suspension from the registry for 10 years per IHSS regulations.

  • Loaning or borrowing money from a Provider.

  • Inappropriate contact with the Provider’s family.

  • Sexual harassment or abuse of the Provider.

  • Physical abuse or assault of the Provider, or knowingly putting the Provider in danger.

  • Displaying a firearm or other weapon in a threatening manner.

  • Possession, use and/or offering of illegal substances.

Please be aware that these violations will be brought to the attention of the Public Authority Executive Director and IHSS social worker.  Registry staff may also be required to contact APS and/or local law enforcement if a crime is suspected of having been committed.  Loss of access to the Registry means you will need to find Providers from elsewhere.


A primary goal of the Public Authority is to help IHSS Consumers be effective and successful employers of their Provider(s).  The IHSS Public Authority encourages you to develop a positive working relationship with your Provider(s).  If you are uncertain about your rights and responsibilities, please contact your IHSS social worker or the registry staff.

IHSS Public Authority 2013