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Imperial County Department of Social Services provides basic subsistence and protection to needy County residents.  Our department is supported by Federal, State and local funding.  We have an approximate budget (Administrative & Program) of over 75 million dollars which accounts for a good part of the County budget.  We are currently allocated for 436 full-time permanent staff members who work in one of five major divisions.




· Public Assistance – staff determine eligibility for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and General Relief for cash assistance, food stamps, Medi-Cal and CMSP (County Medical Services Program) under applicable federal and state laws.

· Child Welfare Services – staff provide protective and placement services to children who are abused, exploited or neglected.

· Adult Services – staff determines eligibility for In-Home Supportive Services and provides protective services to adults who are abused, exploited or neglected.

ˇ Public Authority- provides a registry and referral system to assist In-Home Supportive Services recipients in finding a provider. And provides access to training for In-Home Supportive Services providers and recipients.

· CalWORKs – staff help prepare TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) recipients for jobs and coordinate programs to assist clients in achieving self-sufficiency within prescribed time limits under welfare reform.

· Administrative/Staff Services – staff provide operational support to all programs and divisions within Social Services.  This includes personnel services, fiscal services, clerical services, training, budget, quality assurance and state hearings.


Mission Statement:             The mission of Imperial County Department of Social Services is to provide assistance to the County’s needy and disadvantaged individuals and families in order that they may live their lives with dignity and respect.  As a department, Social Services will intervene and alleviate crisis situations, provide care, protection and preventive services to those vulnerable children and adults who cannot care and protect themselves.  Our department works to provide the basic essentials of food, clothing, shelter, and access to Medi-Cal to needy individuals and families so that they may have an acceptable standard of living.  Our department fosters economic independence by helping those who, with this help, will be able to leave the public assistance rolls to become self-sufficient.


Vision Statement:  Our department is committed to being an innovative leader in providing quality social services to those individuals and families in Imperial County needing our services.  Through a collaborative effort with other agencies and organizations our department will maximize effective delivery of services in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

Our staff will treat our clients with respect and dignity while striving to improve the quality of their lives.  We will reach out to all communities in the valley in an effort to provide targeted and appropriate services whenever possible.




· To provide quality services through staff excellence, good management, teamwork and cooperative efforts.

· To treat clients with courtesy and respect.

· To encourage self-sufficiency, independence and responsibility.

· To be responsive to community needs and concerns.

· To achieve adequate funding for mandated services so that services can be provided at a quality level

· To reduce error rates and improve compliance with standards.

· To develop new, and improve existing, automated systems.

· To simplify paperwork and streamline systems.

· To recognize quality performance.

· To provide good working conditions for staff.

· To encourage ideas for improvement from staff and the community.




o CalWORKs Welfare to Work has registered 13,520 participants from January 1, 1998 to February 1, 2009. During this span of time, 9700 participants transitioned off Temporary Assistance to Needy Families in Imperial County.

o In 2009 the department’s second annual report was completed and posted on the county website.

o The department’s ISAWS automated system will be replaced by the new computer system, C-IV, with a go-live date of November 2009.  The conversion process is in progress.

o The Adult Services IHSS program successfully completed a Quality Improvement Action Plan in 2008 bringing our requirement to reassess cases on an annual basis into compliance with CDSS guidelines and mandates.

o Adult Services IHSS will begin the planning phase of CMIPS II conversion in November of 2009. The CMIPS II system will replace our current payroll system and will greatly improve the efficiency of the IHSS program. Imperial County is scheduled to go live with CMIPS II in July 2011.