Imperial County

Emergency Operations Plan





Imperial County Department Heads:

We proudly submit to you a "Draft" copy of the Imperial County Operational Area Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  The 2007 EOP contains updated and revised information that reflects the current County Operational Area Emergency Organization.  This EOP includes designated roles and responsibilities for individual County Departments that will be performed during emergencies and also includes the designation of department lines of succession.  This EOP has an enhanced hazard risk analysis that identifies all potential hazards within the County including the potential for a national security threat.

The EOP is for your review and/or comments before it's presented to the Imperial County Board of Supervisors for adoption.

 Please submit your comments within 30 days to Rosa Hernandez at  or contact her at 760-482-2400 if you have any questions.

Thank you
Rosa M. Hernandez, Deputy Coordinator
Office of Emergency Services
1078 Dogwood Road, Suite 104
Heber, CA  92249
(760) 760 482-2400 or (760) 355-1191
FAX  (760) 482-2427