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The information herein is NOT intended for use as a weather forecast. The Air District DOES NOT forecast but solely compiles information from both the Phoenix and San Diego National Weather Offices to relay information concerning potential changes in ambient air concentrations that may impact the public.

November 10 2017
Be Advised
High wind levels have the potential to suspend particulate matter into the air. High levels of PM10 may pose an impact to public health. It is recommended that active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease, such as asthma, limit their outdoor activities.

Potential increases in PM10 concentrations may increase to moderate or unhealthy level.

Imperial County Weather Synopsis
Increasing clouds at or above flight level 200 and unrestricted visibility through Saturday morning

Forecast winds 10 miles ENE of Mount Laguna California for Friday November 10 through Monday November 13
Predominately NW winds some variable E and SE at time with speeds 2 to 17mph

Forecast winds 10 miles NNW of Seeley CA for Friday November 10 through Monday November 13
Westerly winds with slight variability E and S winds 2 to 7 mph

Today should be the coolest day in the coming week with daytime highs a few degrees below average. There is a slight uptick in the ridge of high pressure over Mexico this weekend. That will mean a more suppressed marine layer and less extensive coastal clouds, along with a modest bump up in temperatures that will hover around average.

There really isn't much change Saturday through about Wednesday, only barely detectable variations in low clouds, high clouds and temperatures.

Model are beginning to depict a deeper trough of low pressure driving through the West. Southern California is on the southern tail of this wave but there is some moisture and energy hinting at some light precipitation on either of those days. Winds in the mountains and deserts would get a fair boost as well

Infrared imagery shoed generally clear skies area-wide, with areas of high clouds starting to approach the state from the southwest. As the day progresses today, a short wave passing by well to our north will tap into increasing amounts of high clouds from off Baja and southern CA coast, spreading the clouds inland and across the state leading to partly or mostly cloudy skies. Despite the increase in high clouds we can expect another warm day with high temperatures reaching into the low to mid 80s over the warmer deserts.

After the short wave passes by well to our north tonight, we will see the pattern dominated by high pressure aloft centered to our south, along with upper troffing along or off the west coast. The resulting zonal flow will allow for periods of high cloudiness, as moisture is periodically entrained in the flow and overspreads southeast California and Arizona.

For the most part, there will be very little change in the weather pattern for our area this weekend and through the middle portion of next week as dry zonal, west to southwest, flow aloft remains in place over the area. Data ensemble puts high temperatures above the 90th percentile for Sunday into Monday with Monday being the day that will probably be the warmest
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