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The Imperial County Air Pollution Control District (Air District) established its permitting program to help protect the public and the environment from harmful air pollutants. Permitting engineers review and inspect stationary sources to determine the level of controls necessary to control emissions from all sources in Imperial County, other than those emissions from motor vehicles. The permitting program helps ensure that the state and federal ambient air quality standards are achieved and maintained within all areas affected by emission sources in Imperial County.
A person/entity must obtain a valid operating permit, through the Air District before any person/entity builds, erects, alters, replaces, operates, or uses any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance which may cause the issuance of air contaminants.

Application Fees
Stationary Sources 2016 2017
Permit Application $180.50 $182.50
Supplemental IC Engine Application
Title V Application
Application Fees
AG Sources 2016 2017
Ag Engine Registration $180.50 $182.50
Beef Feed Lot
Other Cattle
Broiler, Duck and Turkey
Application Fees
Other Forms 2016 2017
Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Application $180.50 $182.50
Request for Public Information